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Marisa Design

"Marisa Design is a highly creative and specialized company that gives individual attention to every client. I initially chose this company for the artistic and and visionary qualities that Margie Matteson offers her clients. That initial final product met all my expectations for launching a website. When this site needed an upgrade, Margie presented current and innovative ideas, tailored to my concept in a clear and timely manner, to make my website outstanding. The many compliments on my new personalized internet look is a clear testimonial of Margie's talent and professionalism. For a client who wants a "unique and competitive" internet site, and who enjoys working with a positive creative professional, I highly recommend Marisa Design."
- Patricia Peterson, author of The Howl of the Whisperers

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:  About Marisa Design

Marisa Design is based in Ashland, Massachusetts and works with a network of designers and programmers to provide high quality service to your project.

  • Margie Matteson is the owner and primary programmer of Marisa Design. She is a certified Network Specialist, with over 25 years of programming and publishing experience. In addition, her experience includes over 10 years as a technical editor and writer. She brings her attention to detail and unique variety of skills to every job we do.

Other Team Members

Marisa Design also works with other companies and individuals in California, Connecticut, Arizona, Washington, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and elsewhere to produce high-quality deliverables. We believe that by combining our strengths, we can provide our clients with a better product and a greater value for their investment.

Marisa Design believes that knowledge is power. Our goal is to present information to the reader in a way that is clear, attractive, and easy to use. We can help present your valuable information to your readers. Find out how.

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Marisa Design
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